Our stylists believe that your hairstyle is of great importance! A person’s hair can change their self-image instantly. Our stylists want to help you choose a hairstyle that will bring out the best in you. They also feel that it is important that you are able to achieve the look at home. They will go step-by-step with you to ensure you are comfortable in the styling process of your new hairstyle.


Ombre Hair Page Image

The word Ombré is from the French language which means shading or shaded.  Ombré is generally darker at the roots of the hair to the mid hair shaft and slowly fades into the lighter color from the mid hair shaft to the ends of the hair.  With an Ombré hair color, it is apparent that its effect was designed, with colors that fade and complement with each other. Ombré hair color is generally attained by means of a balayage system and is perfect for individuals searching for a low-maintenance hairstyle.

La Bella Chic Salon Extensions Dream Catchers

DreamCatchers are no ordinary hair extension. They are made of 100% human hair and use a micro-cylinder technology that is non-damaging to the hair unlike other hair extensions that use harsh glues and waxes. The hair is reusable, having a luster and shine that never diminishes. Your hair and the extension hair will blend beautifully, leaving you with hair that will feel amazing and look gorgeous in just hours. DreamCatchers extension hair is to be treated as if it were your own, allowing you to curl, flat iron, and even wash and wear for a “beach hair” look!

Color Hair Page Image

Get the look you want with Redken Color. Redken offers a range of products to deliver vibrant, shiny results. Your stylist will examine the condition of your hair and create a custom formulation using the Redken product that is appropriate for you. Using advanced application techniques, a Redken Stylist will help you get amazing salon color.  Whether you want to take a few years off by blending away gray, or you’re looking for a fashionable new look, Redken Color products, along with your stylist’s expertise, will get you the results you desire. Your Redken Stylist will work with you to develop your custom color formulation following your color consultation.

Updos Hair Page Image

Whatever your special occasion may be, one of our talented stylist will help you choose the special look that will compliment you perfectly! We offer a variety of styles from soft wavy curls, to unique braids, and updos. Our stylist will consult with you to ensure they know exactly the look you want to achieve.

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